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U.S. to arm/train Syrian rebels

After reports confirmed that chemical weapons had been used on Syrian rebels, President Obama announced that the CIA will arm and train Syrian rebels as well as provide small arms and ammunition. An article on Fox News stated,

As the United States prepares to supply Syrian rebels with small arms through a CIA-run program, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said Saturday that U.S. troops temporarily in neighboring Jordan will leave behind fighter jets and a cache of Patriot missiles.

So far the White House has committed only to supplying rebel forces with small arms and ammunition, following confirmation that the regime of Syria President Bashar al-Assad’s has been using chemical weapons in the 2-year-long civil war in which at least 90,000 people have been killed.

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain and other Capitol Hill military hawks have called for much heavier arms including the Patriot defense missiles and for the United States to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria.

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Personally, I’m against any involvement here. Time and time again we get involved in foreign wars that do not concern us, plunging our country farther and farther into debt for the benefit of others. This is a noble pursuit, but it’s got to stop.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been unproductive aside from the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Military expenditures have gone through the roof in recent years and for what? To “stop terrorism?” I don’t even think that’s possible without divine intervention. You can’t stop evil, it just happens. You can cause bad things to happen less frequently, but they’re still going to happen. In this case, the cost that we’re paying is too much. With our economy in dire straits, it seems like isolationism would be the best foreign policy to me. We’re always the ones that have to do something. Why can’t someone else step in? When’s Britain going to do something, or France or Germany or Canada, etc? It’s time for someone else to do something. If people want the world to be a better place, they need to go out there and do something about it, not expect the same guy to go fix the problem. The U.S. has to be a father figure and do everything because everyone else is too cowardly or too selfish to do anything themselves.

I also wonder if the U.S. has learned anything from past history. In the late 1970’s, we supported an Iranian shah who was a brutal and corrupt dictator, but because he served U.S. interests we supported him in the revolution. When he was defeated, we took the shah into our country. When the Iranians asked for him back so that justice could be served, the U.S. refused. The Iranians then took hostages from the U.S. embassy, and the U.S. interference with the Iranians “justice” is what led to the Iranians hatred of the United States. A link to that whole history class¬†here.

We also armed Afghanistan in the war against the Soviet Union and those same weapons are now being used against us today. Every involvement we have ever had with the Middle East, aside from the Persian Gulf War of the 90’s, has accomplished nothing and has been detrimental to our economy and foreign relations. I don’t understand why the U.S. continues to get involved over there. It makes no sense to me.

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Has terrorism won?

President Obama addressed the public on June 7, stating that the surveillance of phone and internet is necessary for national security. This address came after top-secret documents surfaced that unveiled that the NSA and FBI have been monitoring phone calls and the internet. I didn’t know all the details until reading an article by, which gives a full in-depth report on what’s going on. To go to the article, click here.

American Flag

First off, I’d like to express that the monitoring of phone calls and internet activity without a warrant is unconstitutional, period, no if’s and’s or but’s about it. We have the right to privacy which is guaranteed in the fourth amendment. Now, I fully understand that some rights have reasonable limits. For example, the Westboro Baptist Church should not be able to picket at soldiers’ funerals. That’s just inhumane. However, the fourth amendment is one that I think should not be tampered with. Without it, we have a society of surveillance, one that George Orwell depicted in his novel, 1984. I should be able to live my life without having to constantly look over my shoulder to see if I’m being watched. Government should not interfere with my life to that great of an extent nor should it devalue my rights to unreasonable measures.

This brings me to what I want to talk about: Has terrorism won?

This seems like a stupid question, and if that’s how you feel, I apologize for any of your time I might have wasted. However, I think that it is worth thinking about. The terrorists’ main goal has never been to destroy us, although terrorists do try to do this. Their main goal is to terrorize, to cause chaos, to turn people’s lives upside down. In Iron Man 2, Whiplash has a quote in the prison cell scene that goes, “If you can make God bleed, the people will cease to believe in him.” That is what terrorists seek to do; to show that America isn’t invincible. They want to cause a change in the way we live.

Since 9/11, we have had airport security rise to heights never seen before, heights that some people, including myself, find invasive and entirely absurd. I have nothing to hide, just like the autistic 7 year-old with an Iron Man action figure doesn’t have anything to hide, or the disabled senior citizen, or the disabled war veteran. We are people, people that are trying to get on a plane to go on vacation, or see our family for the holidays. Now the Middle Eastern family, yeah, they’re going to have to go through those security procedures. It’s called racial profiling. The police use it everyday. It will be an inconvenience for those families, but those are the people that want to blow us up, so they will have to deal with it.

Following the attack of Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt ordered that all Japanese Americans be sequestered until the end of the war so as to prevent an invasion. This was to make sure that no one from the inside was sabotaging war efforts or providing the enemy with information. Some may look at that act as inhumane, but I believe it was the right thing to do and is what we should be doing now with those of Middle Eastern descent.

Now, we learn that our internet and phone usage is being monitored, all for the sake of stopping terrorism. I don’t know about you, but knowing that someone from the government could be checking what I’m doing on the internet and who I’m calling, that’s kinda scary. It feels like life has changed a lot in the past decade. It feels like terrorism has caused our life here at home to change. If we have to change our way of life, hasn’t terrorism already won?


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A lil’ bout me

Dear fellow bloggers and readers,

First, welcome to Words of WisTIM, and I hope that you enjoy reading the content that I will post in the future. Since I’m just now entering the community, I thought it fair to introduce myself and say hello. Some fun facts about me:

I’m going to be a sophomore journalism major at Waynesburg University in the fall.

I’m 19, have lived in the North Hills of Pittsburgh my whole life, and have a younger brother.

I love football and hockey, which are the two main sports I’ll talk about on this blog, but occasionally you will see me discuss other sports.

I love rock music like Shinedown, Sum 41, Rise Against, and Creed.

I’m a huge Walking Dead fan, and I intend to write about each new episode this fall so stay tuned for that.

Thanks and stay tuned,


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