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Conclusion of my DeflateGate Series

Cats In The Bleachers

My study of the DeflateGate saga, broken in to five parts, has left me to a few conclusions.

1) Yes, something happened.  Even if it really gave some sort of competitive edge is to be determined, but it happened and it can’t be left alone, mainly due to the expansive media coverage it received.

2) The punishment far exceeded any reasonable thought.  The lack of evidence against Brady and the Patriots, the lack of ability to know if Ted Wells was truly an independent and unbiased investigator, and the ignorance and lack of attention of the claim before this all happened, and the lack of claims before the one the Colts made, as well as to the past events that were of similar nature and the precedents set by the prior events all add up to one thing: a witch hunt.  Something needed to be done, sure, a few fines, loss…

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What Does the NFL Have to Lose from DeflateGate? DeflateGate Series Part 5

Cats In The Bleachers

While the NFL stood to gain quite an amount from this DeflateGate saga, it still stands to lose quite an amount.  As mentioned earlier, Goodell will probably never be popular in the New England area and those who were already convinced that he’s a poor commissioner have had their thoughts confirmed yet again.  But it goes a little deeper than that.

The NFL and Goodell himself is losing popularity with the NFLPA.  This relationship was already rocky.  The Wall Street Journal talks about how Goodell is already unpopular due to his power over discipline and his choices to pick the arbitrators when cases get appealed.  And when this case is brought forward to the arbitrator, it will be very hard to hide any sort of unpopular choice that might be seen as a puppet for Goodell.  Goodell has been stuck in a rut lately.  He can’t pick someone who is seen as impartial…

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How Does the NFL Benefit from DeflateGate? DeflateGate Series part 4

Cats In The Bleachers

Despite all that fans may think, the NFL actually benefits from this witch hunt known as DeflateGate.  All the coverage and exposure that the NFL has gotten from this, the merchandise that has sold in droves in support of the Patriots and Brady (Wall Street Journal reports that Brady jersey sales and Patriots paraphernalia is up 100 percent.  Brady jersey sales are third most behind Mariota and Winston, where Brady ranked 6th before the release of the Wells Report), and all the traffic that can other associated websites have received in the last week is up, allowing for more ads to be seen and the NFL then to charge more for the ads.  But it goes deeper than that.

First, take a look at the Patriots schedule.  Should Brady’s four game suspension hold up, he’ll return to play against the Colts in week six.  Some coincidence, huh?  Ratings are sure…

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Was Ted Wells Impartial? DeflateGate Series Part 3

More on DeflateGate.

Cats In The Bleachers

Ted Wells, the writer of the Wells Report for the DeflateGate topic that is burning hot right now.  Not only has he written this report, but he also has written one for the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito/Miami Dolphins bullying scandal. That report didn’t come under quite the same scrutiny as the current report.  Why?  Because his last report had more hard facts.  Because his last report, he was far more impartial.

When asked how much how much the NFL paid him to do this report, Wells was less than candid in giving an answer. states that he said “I don’t know off the top of my head, but there’s no question it’s in the millions of dollars,” Wells said.  When asked if he could be more specific, Wells remained silent. At that point, the moderator came on the line and said, “Not necessary. Next question, Mike.”

For an investigator who is…

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Patriots Punishment: More Than SpyGate? DeflateGate Series Part 2

Jon’s continued discussion on DeflateGate is worth checking out.

Cats In The Bleachers

My first part of the DeflateGate series focused on the punishment for QB Tom Brady.  However, he’s not the only affected party in this case.  Now it’s time to look at the Patriots organization and the punishment it received.

The organization received a punishment that consists of: the removal of a first round pick for the Patriots 2016 draft, the removal of the 2017 fourth round pick, and a 1 million dollar fine.  According to, there details of the draft pick punishment are as follows:

“If the Patriots have more than one selection in either of these rounds, the earlier selection shall be forfeited. The club may not trade or otherwise encumber these selections.”

The Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, had stated that he was willing to accept the penalty for this after the Wells Report came out but when the punishment came out, he stated it was beyond a reasonable punishment.  A…

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Is Tom Brady a Witch? DeflateGate Series Part 1

I was going to write about this myself, but my roommate and best friend, Jon, has said all I needed to say.

Cats In The Bleachers

I’ve let the dust settle, read article after article, even read through the Wells Reports (and if anyone at Waynesburg thought that a Krause reading was bad…!) and I have to ask… Is Tom Brady a witch?  I know he plays in Foxborough and according to MapQuest it is about an hours drive away from Salem where the mass witch hunts happened.  If he burns, he’s a witch… Or is it the other way around?  And I know there was something about being thrown into the water with a weight and drowning… Know what was the whole issue with the witch trials?  There was little evidence, no hard facts, and an angry mob that wanted it to happen anyway.  Sounds familiar, right?

This whole deflate-gate issue has turned less into an investigation and more into a witch hunt.  Four game suspension to Brady, a loss of two draft picks for the Patriots…

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Live! Laugh! Love?

Lots of truth and instilled hope in this one.


April 11th, 2011


I had completely forgotten it was there.


The other day I was                      sifting


Through my belongings in my room when

I felt my hand glide across a smooth surface.  So I looked


And saw this:


Thing is, I used to write for a magazine when I was in college.


And the second thing is:


I started that magazine.


And with each issue we’d relentlessly roll out, I’d get the discreet privilege to write about a topic. Any topic. Of my choosing.

Some about texting

Others about being stranded on a mountain

And I remember    flip   ping    through the pages  on this very night…curious as to where my April 2011 curiosities had taken me. And when I did that I found this:




That I’ve conveniently transcribed for…

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The One Thing You Should Know About Yourself

I can really relate to this. A great confidence booster.


February 5th 2008


It was strange.


There I was.



Laying in my dorm room. Door locked. Late-night conversations              outside my door. As the chill, February air coasted through the open window >> between my hair and





my naked legs.


As I laid there perfectly still.

Arms crossed behind my head.

Hair      s c a t t e r e d     on my pillow.




Legs propped up against my  w


– Illuminated and shadowed by the street lamps located not so far away. Witnessing the light fLiCkEr off my body every time a stranger would pass them by.


It was strange.


Strange that I didn’t want to do anything else.


And strange that I was doing nothing at all.


I remember locking the door. Telling…

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7 Reasons Why Guys Think Girls Are Crazy

This is a blog post about what girls do that make no sense. It’s all entirely true, too! Read this and tell me it’s not.


July 22nd 2013


Well what the shit. 


I guess I never really noticed it.


At least not at first.


Why guys think we lady friends are batshit.


And how we have no idea.


Let me break this down:


The other day I was exchanging banter with my 100% male friends about their casual, manly habits as I graciously

s p i l l e d  our top-secret of secrets with them, involving things like:

Having the incapacity of eating a normal amount of chips and salsa in one sitting

And then being like:



Homeslices agreed. In fact…a little too much.


In fact.


They made a list.


Outlining the various tasks we lady tricks do on a regular basis that don’t make any goddamn sense!


How we think we look like this:


But really kind of look…

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What John Mayer Said

This was a great post I read today that’s definitely worth a read. Shout to olive the people, for continuing to inspire me and others.


July 29th 2010


I remember being at the grocery store when she asked me.


I remember, jamming out iPod style in the produce section, serenading the avocados and questionable eggplant to old school N’Sync

When suddenly.


My pants vibrated with a phone call. It was my sister. She said.


“Hey! I’ve got 2 extra tickets to the John Mayer concert this weekend. Wanna go? Bring a friend?”


I remember totally playing it cool by the on-sale zucchini



And  instantaneously recruiting my amiga Charlotte to join.




And embarking on a 3 man date with our two kick ass selves, and 1 pint sized sister.


And it was kind of incredible. Even if we were far away.


It was dreamy July evening spent laying on the dew-filled grass as we closed our eyes and felt the aftermath of the…

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