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Why I Hope Mike Mitchell Gets Cut

Mike Mitchell was in the news on Tuesday after confrontations with multiple fans over social media. During the Steelers narrow win over the Titans, Mike Mitchell struggled. Especially considering the absence of Troy Polamalu leaving our other safety as 32-year-old Will Allen, Mitchell was given the responsibility of covering the team’s backside.

After jumping in front of Titans’ QB Zach Mettenberger’s first pass and returning it for six points, CB William Gay attempted to repeat the feat on the Titans’ drive late in the second quarter. Mitchell, who again, plays safety so as to provide a safety blanket behind the defense, instead decided to jump a route as well, leaving no one and I mean no one behind to prevent former Steeler Nate Washington from going for a 80-yard touchdown. That, along with some other shoddy secondary play against a rookie quarterback, led to fans saying Mitchell was the Steelers’ worst free agent signing of all-time. That obviously isn’t true and those who have said such things can’t be considered true sports fans or sports-minded intellectuals. I was able to gather that last tip using my brain, some common sense and knowing that no matter how good you are at something, there will always be haters. There will be people who don’t respect you even if you’ve proven to be nearly god-like in your efforts.

QB Tom Brady is a perfect example. I hated Tom Brady for many years and rooted against him because I was tired of seeing the New England Patriots win everything. However, through maturity and some human decency, I’ve been able to comprehend that Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks of all-time. To come through in the clutch as many times as he has and continue to excel despite multiple roster changes is a testament to his leadership and his dedication to the game. Do I consider myself a Tom Brady fan? Definitely not, I still find myself rooting against him a fair amount, but there’s no doubt that I respect him and there’s truly no reason to hate him as a person because let’s be honest, he’s never done anything on or off the field to demonstrate poor character and you can’t say he’s lazy in his profession because evidently he’s not. You can still hate him if you want to and I won’t call you stupid for doing so, but at the same time, you’re stupid.

Now, Mitchell is not one of the greats and never will be, so naturally he should expect more criticism. Some of that is because of obnoxious fans. You don’t respond to them. You don’t give them anything to feed off of. An elementary school counselor could explain this concept if needed.

Mitchell either didn’t pass elementary school, didn’t open his ears or has anger management issues. I’m likely to go with option three but at this point, options one and two are still on the table, especially after Tomlin claims to have told Mitchell not to leap the pile in the Jets game and he did it anyway.

What Mitchell did in response to those tweets was worse than anything that fans could have said to him. Here are some of those tweets:

“Lol, I’ll do no such thing. You on the other hand kill yourself.”

“You’re a moron and obviously a broke b@#$%, begging for money lol. Die broke.”

“B@#$%, you trash.”

To tell someone to kill themselves and die broke is pretty terrible and demonstrates no class or self-control. Not only did Mitchell feed the fire, but he also managed to alienate all of Steelers nation. Pittsburgh is a blue-collar city and always has been. A coal mining monopoly until deindustrialization in the 1980’s, people in Pittsburgh know what it’s like to work for a living. A lot of people in Pittsburgh and in cities all over the country look forward to the weekend but predominantly Sunday because Sunday means football. Diehard fans are just as much a part of the team as the players and coaching staff.

Instead of him not saying anything and fans coming to his defense as I’m sure would have happened, Mitchell managed to give them all the finger as well as a good look at the indecent fool that he is. He’s probably best friends with LeGarrette Blount.

Well, what d’ya know? In an article regarding Blount being cut by the Steelers, Mitchell defended his ex-teammate.

“I actually know him and a lot of people don’t know him. He is not a selfish guy at all.”

How would you describe someone who leaves the team because they don’t get to be the star? A role model?

“He is a competitive guy who wants to be on the field, wants to win games, wants to help us win games.”

I don’t think Blount wants to be on the field, Mitchell. He left of his own free will. Therefore, I don’t think he wants to help the Steelers win games because in order to score points, he has to be on the field and the only way to get on the field is to wait patiently on the sideline, which he didn’t do.

I also find it pitiful that Mitchell said “wants to win games” before “wants to help us win games.” Sure, that’s just a word choice, but he consciously picked those words and it is attitude and personality that point you to the words you choose next. He put team at the end because that’s how he prioritizes it.

Mike Mitchell has demonstrated that he is a replica of Golden Tate. If there is one person in all of sports that I hope suffers an injury or gets a good punch from Andre Johnson, it’s Golden Tate.

Tony Romo was at the top of my list for a long time and right behind him was Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez and Alex Ovechkin. However, Kobe’s knee and ankle injuries have finally shut him up but not before he set the NBA record for most missed field goals, which I was thrilled about. Alex Rodriguez was suspended the entire season. MLB ¬†finally did something right. Alex Ovechkin has become a captain of a terrible team and has continued to be the puck-hog, “I don’t know how to pass” player I expected, which has led to multiple early playoff exits and missing the playoffs altogether. Finally, Tony Romo is still as untalented and useless as he was when he botched the extra point in that playoff game against Seattle, one of my favorite NFL memories.

With all that said, Tate is the worst. How he was ever accepted into Notre Dame I don’t know because he is one of the most disgusting, dishonorable and selfish pieces of turd in all of professional sports. During his career, he’s managed to play for the Seahawks, one of my least favorite teams because of all the cocky individuals on that team. Looking at you, Sherman. He said he caught a ball in the Seahawks-Packers game that the replacement refs botched, a ball that everyone with an unbiased mind can recognize he didn’t catch, demonstrating his lack of honesty and professional courtesy. Finally, he flicked off a player on his way to score a long touchdown on live television. That’s what I think of Golden Tate.

But back to Mitchell. Mike Mitchell, despite the fact that I couldn’t tell you almost anything about his playing career, has earned a spot on my Most-Hated Players List. Mitchell’s actions clearly demonstrated he couldn’t give a rat’s behind about the organization, the fans or his teammates. He cares about money and himself. Those seem to be his only two motivations. I hate people who are motivated by money and themselves. Therefore, I hate you Mike Mitchell. Be sure to “break a leg” out there.

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