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The Breaking Point

I claimed the floodgates of WordsofWisTIM were opening. Instead they stalled and I apologize. I also can’t say that they’re likely to open anytime soon either because internship searching, resume writing and school work pervade. Just know that I miss writing movie reviews and other content on here and I will return…eventually.

This post is about the breaking point, the point that defines when we finally look at life and say, “I quit.” I’m not talking about suicide. I’m talking about when you look at what’s around you and you’re trying to win all the battles by yourself and you’re overwhelmed so much that you just break down.

I reached my breaking point Saturday…almost.

Looking for internships and building a resume is one of the most stressful experiences I’ve had to go through and continue to go through today. It is also extremely demotivating because unless you have family all over the surrounding area, your internship radius is extremely limited. For example, I can’t take an internship in Kentucky. I need to be able to commute because as you should well know, most internships don’t pay. Looking for people willing to give you a chance is stressful enough. When you only have a select few you can look at, it’s even worse.

Add to that upcoming deadlines on assignments and a college newspaper (not my own) that won’t answer my calls for material on an assignment that’s due Tuesday and you feel like you’re trying to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with one arm.

To summarize, I’m stressed and sadly my stress and workload has gotten in the way of this blog. Again, my apologizes and I will do my best to try to get content out in the coming weeks.

So I’m writing an article about homelessness for one of my classes. I had lots of trouble finding someone to talk to, far more trouble than I expected. On a Saturday night, I go to my local shelter for what is perhaps my last chance to get a good source before I returned to school. I was very nervous and anxious. My confidence in others far exceeds the confidence I have in myself.

As a youngster, I used to read the stories in Exodus, the stories of the Israelites turning away from God right after they were saved from the Egyptians. Despite the many miracles he provided them, they still found a way to turn away. Reading those at a younger age, I always found myself asking why God bothered helping them when they couldn’t believe in him for an extended period of time.

Yet here I was, wondering where that plan that God has for me was yet again, all because events were not transpiring at the rate that I wanted them to. That night I had two great interviews and was reminded everything will be okay.

Today, that paper finally got back to me, a mere 24 hours before my assignment is due.

Based off these two events, I think I’ve come to learn the importance of believing during the times you struggle the most yet again. It’s a recurring theme with me, yet one that I need to be reminded of on an almost continual basis.

So remember when you’re about to break down, shut off and just cry, remember to take a second to pray to the guy behind the controls. That’s the guy you should be talking to, not to everyone else.

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