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Tim Sports Report for 2016 NFL Week 6

Top 5

  1. RB Jay Ajayi 25 carries for 204 yards, 2 TD vs. PIT

Second Dolphin to run for 200 yards and 2 TDs in a game

2. WR Odell Beckham Jr. 8 receptions for a career-high 222 yards, 2 TDs, Fmb vs. BAL

3. QB Tom Brady 29/35 for 376 yards, 3 TDs, 140.0 passer rating vs. CIN

4. RB LeSean McCoy 19 carries for 140 yards, 3 TDs vs. SF

5. QB Matt Ryan 27/42 for 335 yards, 3 TDs, INT, Fmb, 102.8 passer rating vs. SEA

Worst of the Worst

5. Seven teams with double-digit penalties this week.

4. QB Aaron Rodgers 31/42 for 294 yards, TD, INT, Fmb, 90.8 passer rating vs. DAL

3. Blatant pass interference call missed in ATL vs. SEA

2. Steelers implode again

  1. Carolina drops another, now four straight

Steelers Recap

The Steelers game was another implosion, demonstrating the debacle we saw in Philly was not a one-time occurrence. There are real problems with this team and now with Ben gone for at least two weeks, the future for the Steelers is hazy at best.

Game of the Week: Vikings at Eagles

Two powerhouse defenses is sure to be a fun watch and Philly could very well pull the upset. I’m taking Minnesota but the Eagles have the tools to surprise.

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Tim Sports Report for 2016 NFL Week 3

Top 5

  1. QB Trevor Siemian 28/35 for 312 yards, 4 TDs, 132.1 passer rating vs. CIN

First quarterback to throw for 300 yards and 4 TDs without an interception in his first road start.

2. Vikings record eight sacks, pick Cam three times in road win against Carolina.

3. WR Marvin Jones 6 receptions for 205 yards, 2 TDs vs. GB

4. QB Aaron Rodgers 15/24 for 205, 4 TDs, 129.3 passer rating vs. DET

5. RB LeSean McCoy 17 carries for 110 yards, 2 TDs vs. ARI

Worst of the Worst

5. Cody Parkey misses three field goals, including potential gamewinner for Cleveland.

4. San Diego chokes away a lead again.

3. QB Carson Palmer 26/50 for 287 yards, 4 INTs, 36.0 passer rating vs. BUF

2. Steelers suffer worst loss since ’89.

  1. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick 20/44 for 188 yards, 6 INTs, 18.2 passer rating vs. KC

Steelers Recap

I don’t want to talk about it. I really don’t. It was one of the worst Steelers games I’ve seen. The offense was lost and the defense confused and battered. I couldn’t even watch the whole game. The idea that an offense as talented as the Steelers couldn’t score even one touchdown against Philly is disturbing. I’m not in panic mode but if they suffer a second loss like that, it speaks to a larger problem that needs to be addressed.

Game of the Week: Panthers @ Falcons

Not a lot of games jump up from the schedule but this one does. Matty Ice is dropping some bombs. Carolina is on their heels, but will it play out that way? I got Atlanta in an upset.


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Tim Sports Report for 2015 NFL Week 3

Super late, but Week 4 is coming up.

Top 5

  1. QB Aaron Rodgers 24/35 for 333 yards, 5 TDs, 138.5 passer rating vs. KC

2. WR A.J. Green 10 receptions for 227 yards, 2 TDs vs. BAL

3. RB Devonta Freeman 30 carries for 141 yards, 3 TDs vs. DAL

4. WR Steve Smith 13 receptions for 186 yards, 2 TDs vs. CIN

5. WR Julio Jones 12 receptions for 164 yards, 2 TDs vs. DAL

Worst of the Worst

5. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick 35/58 for 283 yards, 2 TDs, 3 INTs, 62.6 passer rating vs. PHI

4. Skip Bayless’ Dallas bias. I follow him on Twitter just to see what obnoxious thing he says next, but it feels like I’m following a Cowboys cheerleader.

3. Dallas allows 22 unanswered points vs. ATL

2. TEN allows 21 unanswered points in 4th quarter, blows game vs. IND

  1. QB Colin Kaepernick 9/19 for 67 yards, 4 INTs (including two pick-6’s), 16.7 passer rating vs. ARI

Steelers Recap

The loss of Ben is all that needs to be said here. The Steelers struggled to score against the Rams, even with the return of Le’Veon Bell. That made this game far more of a tug-of-war than it should have been, but the defense kept us in the game. They haven’t been playing great offensive squads, granted, but they’ve been holding their own.

Game of the Week: Chiefs @ Bengals

Two top-ten teams square off. I’ll take the surprising Bengals at home.

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Tim Sports Report for 2014 NFL Week 15

Top 5

1. WR Odell Beckham, Jr. 12 receptions for 143 yards, 3 TDs, Fmb vs. WAS

2. WR Dez Bryant 6 receptions for 114 yards, 3 TDs vs. PHI

3. RB Jeremy Hill 25 carries for 148 yards, 2 TDs vs. CLE

4. RB DeMarco Murray 31 carries for 81 yards, 2 TDs vs. PHI

5. QB Drew Brees 29/36 for 375 yards, 3 TDs, 137.8 QBR vs. CHI

Worst of the Worst

1. QB Tom Savage fumbles on handoff to Foster on first NFL play

2. Eagles fail to catch opening kickoff, Cowboys recover

3. QB Johnny Manziel 10/18 for 80 yards, 2 INTs, 27.3 QBR vs. CIN

4. QB Aaron Rodgers 17/42 for 185 yards, 2 INTs, 34.3 QBR vs. BUF

5. QB Colin Kaepernick 11/19 for 141 yards, 6 sacks, 81.2 QBR vs. SEA

Steelers Recap

Honestly, I don’t have much to say here. I didn’t watch a whole lot of the game but the Steelers got the win off another fine performance from Ben, who’s second in the league in passing yards. They’ve got Kansas City at home today and if they win, they clinch a playoff spot and keep in mind the AFC North is still up for grabs. Let’s go Steelers!

Game of the Week: Broncos @ Bengals

The only other game I was considering choosing her was Colts @ Cowboys, but I’m going with the Monday Night game because the last few weeks these teams have struggled. The Broncos have struggled because Peyton Manning hasn’t been himself recently. I should know. He tanked in the playoffs and my team lost because of it. The Bengals have struggled all year, as the Bengals defense that was one of the best in the league last year has disappeared after the departing of defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, who went to coach the Vikings. The Bengals defense hasn’t been the same since then. While the Broncos have clinched the AFC West, it’s crucial they put up a solid performance against a solid team to give themselves some confidence going into the final week of the regular season. The same goes for the Bengals, who are on the verge of losing control of the AFC North with the Steelers and Ravens close behind. I’m taking the Broncos because Cincinnati’s defense has just fallen so far this year.

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Tim Sports Report for 2014 NFL Week 10

Top 5

1. RB Marshawn Lynch 21 carries for 140 yards, 4 TDs vs. NYG

2. QB Aaron Rodgers 18/27 for 315 yards, 6 TDs, 145.8 QBR vs. CHI

3. FS Jaiquawn Jarrett 10 tackles, 7 solo, sack, 2 INTs vs. PIT

4. WR Jordan Matthews 7 receptions for 138 yards, 2 TDs vs. CAR

5. RB Justin Forsett 20 carries for 112 yards, 2 TDs vs. TEN

Worst of the Worst

1. QB Andy Dalton 10/33 for 86 yards, 3 INTs, 2.0 QBR (lowest I’ve ever seen) vs. CLE

2. QB Cam Newton 25/40 for 306 yards, 2 TDs, 3 INTs, 9 sacks, Fmb, 71.5 QBR vs. PHI

3. Bears crushed vs. Packers 55-14.

Became first team in NFL history to allow 50 or more points in two consecutive games. Have lost five of last six.

4. Jets get 3rd and 46 after two personal conduct penalties and Vick sack

5. Steelers commit four turnovers in upset loss vs. NYJ

Steelers Recap

Had the Steelers beat the Buccaneers and the Jets, they would be 8-2, tops in the AFC. Instead, they’re 6-4.

Antonio Brown had a bad game, fumbling the ball twice. Ben had two interceptions and the running game wasn’t there, only gaining 36 yards. It was just a bad game overall against the Jets last week, but it’s important they get back on track against the Titans this week before their bye next week. Let’s get it together Steelers.

Game of the Week: Lions @ Cardinals

Drew Stanton’s going to feel the added pressure of being Arizona’s starting quarterback for the remainder of the season after Carson Palmer suffered a season-ending knee injury. It’s a tough test for Stanton, facing the Lions d-line. I took the Lions because I figured it was about time for the Cards to lose, but the Cards won last night and sit at 9-1, the best record in the NFL. Seems safe to assume Bruce Arians is looking at coach of the year.

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Tim Sports Report for 2014 NFL Week 4

Top 5

1. QB Aaron Rodgers 22/28 for 302 yards, 4 TDs, 151.2 QBR vs. CHI

Neither team punted, only 2nd time it happened. Rodgers gets to 25,000 yards with fewest pass attempts and fourth-fewest games played.

2. RB Jamaal Charles 18 carries for 92 yards, TD, 3 receptions for 16 yards, 2 TDs vs. NE

3. WR Antonio Brown 7 receptions for 131 yards, 2 TDs vs. TB

NFL record 20th consecutive game with 5+ receptions

4. RB DeMarco Murray 24 carries for 149 yards, 2 TDs vs. NO

Joins Emmitt Smith as only Dallas RBs to eclipse 100 yards in first four games

5. WR Steve Smith 7 receptions for 139 yards, 2 TDs vs. CAR

Worst of the Worst

1. Steelers lose to Bucs in final seconds

2. QB Kirk Cousins 19/33 for 257, TD, 4 INTs, Fmb, 53.0 QBR vs. NYG

3. Patriots held to 290 total yards, allow 443, 207 on ground vs. KC

One of Belichick’s worst losses as coach

4. Saints destroyed 38-17 on Sunday Night Football vs. DAL

Allowed 1584 total yards through four games (third-worst) and allowing 27.5 ppg

5. QB Geno Smith 17/33 for 209 yards, TD, INT, Fmb, 68.9 QBR vs. DET

Steelers Recap

The Steelers had 13 penalties for 125 yards in their shocking loss to Tampa Bay. The Steelers top-ten offense (8th in passing, 5th in rushing) could not beat one of the worst teams in the league (last in passing, 24th in rushing, 29th against the pass, 17th against the rush). They had multiple opportunities to close the game out, most notably when Antonio Brown dropped a perfectly thrown flea flicker from Roethlisberger. Had Brown caught that, it was probably six points for the Steelers considering the lead he had on the defender and the game was put out of reach. That dropped pass was the momentum-changer and also describes the Steelers of the last two years accurately. It describes missed opportunities. This team’s discipline remains a huge blight on the team. Stupid football is exactly that: stupid. Stop it, Tomlin.

Despite losing to Tampa Bay at home, the Steelers schedule is still favorable to a playoff appearance, but it is crucial the Steelers win their next two games against Jacksonville and Cleveland. Following those two games, the Steelers play against Houston, Indianapolis and Baltimore at home. Pittsburgh and Baltimore usually split the season series home-and-home and the Steelers should be able to beat Houston, giving them two W’s out of three. They also face the struggling Jets and Titans in back-to-back weeks. It’s crucial the Steelers do their winning now because following their week 12 bye, their schedule gets a lot tougher (New Orleans, Cincinnati twice, Atlanta and Kansas City). If it weren’t for the Steelers’ weak schedule, I’m not sure a playoff appearance would be on the horizon but with this schedule, missing the playoffs would be almost inexcusable. Get back to winning and take it to the Jaguars.

Game of the Week: Bengals @ Patriots

The Sunday night match-up takes my game of the week once again, this time with the undefeated Cincinnati Bengals traveling to the always-tough Foxborough. Beating the Patriots at home is always a challenge, but man, did they look terrible on Monday. I didn’t get to watch any of the game but the box score and recaps alone show the lack of communication that Brady has with his offensive line and receivers. A defense that has plenty of high-caliber players also got scorched by a team whose number-one receiver is Dwayne Bowe. That’s pretty terrible. Also acknowledging that the Chiefs whole offense is based on Jamaal Charles, you would think the Patriots defense could have done better than 41 points. With that said, the Patriots usually lose at least one game they were favored to win every year. Last year, it was the overtime loss to the Geno Smith-led Jets. The year before that it was the loss to the Kevin Kolb-led Cardinals in Foxborough. With all that said, the Patriots haven’t lost in Foxborough since their January 2012 playoff game against the Ravens. Even with the Patriots mediocre stat line (30th passing, 23rd rushing, 1st against the pass, 23rd against the rush), ain’t nobody going to have an easy time in Foxborough. It won’t be easy, but the Bengals are the more complete team and therefore, should break the Patriots win streak at home.

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Tim Sports Report for 2013 NFL Week 2

Top 5

1. QB Aaron Rodgers 34/42 for 480 yards, 4 TDs, 146.0 QBR vs. WSH

2. QB Philip Rivers 36/47 for 419 yards, 3 TDs, 124.3 QBR vs. PHI

3. RB Marshawn Lynch 28 carries for 98 yards, 2 TDs, 3 receptions for 39 yards, TD vs. SF

4. WR DeSean Jackson 9 receptions for 193 yards, TD vs. SD

5. DE Mario Williams 6 tackles, 5 solo, 4.5 sacks vs. Car

Worst of the Worst

1. QB Colin Kaepernick 13/28 for 127 yards, 3 INTs, fumble, 20.1 QBR, 9 carries for 87 yards vs. SEA

2. QB Josh Freeman 9/22 for 125 yards, TD, INT, fumble, 56.1 QBR vs. NO

3. 49ers 0/2 in red zone, 5 turnovers, 12 penalties for 121 yards

4. QB Russell Wilson 8/19 for 142 yards, TD, INT, 63.9 QBR vs. SF

5. QB Tom Brady 19/39 for 185 yards, TD, 71.0 QBR vs. NYJ

Steelers Recap

The Steelers looked slightly better in their loss against the Bengals but only slightly. They were 3/12 on third down and failed to reach 100 yards for the eighth straight game, tied for the longest streak in franchise history. They ran the ball only 16 times in the game, 10 of those to Felix Jones for 37 yards. In order for this team to get better and win some games, they have got run the ball more than 16 times a game. If you don’t make the defense respect your running game then they will continue to blitz on crucial downs and Ben will continue to get sacked. Tomlin must decide who the starting runningback is going to be and stick with him. They can not continue to cycle runningbacks and just hope one of them clicks. They need to figure it out. The runningback game plan is in total disarray and it needs to get fixed. The defense must get takeaways. The Redskins defense last year ranked 28th in ypg and 22nd in ppg, but they had a +17 in turnover differential, good for third-best in the league. The Steelers defense needs to try to get turnovers if they want to give their team any chance at winning. Against the Chicago Bears this week, the Steelers will face the 2nd-best turnover differential team in the league last year. I don’t see the Steelers changing their fortunes in this game. I’ll take the Bears.

Game of the Week: Chiefs @ Eagles

These were two of the worst teams in the league last year, but this year they’re totally different teams. I took the Eagles in this one because I was impressed with what Chip Kelly has done in Philly, but the Chiefs pulled it out last night 26-16.


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2013-2014 NFL Preview: NFC North

All the numbers that come after players’ names represent how they were rated on ESPN’s Free Agent Tracker



GET: none

LOSE: WR Greg Jennings (83), S Charles Woodson (79), RB Cedric Benson (72), RB Ryan Grant (70), LB Erik Walden (70), TE Tom Crabtree (66)

RE-SIGNS: LB Brad Jones (69)

DRAFT: 1st round: DE Datone Jones, UCLA     2nd round: RB Eddie Lacy, Alabama     4th round: OT David Bukhtiari, Colorado     G J.C. Tretter, Cornell     RB Johnathan Franklin, UCLA     5th round: CB Micah Hyde, Iowa     DT Josh Boyd, Mississippi State     6th round: OLB Nathan Palmer, Illinois State     7th round: WR Charles Johnson, Grand Valley State     WR Kevin Dorsey, Maryland     OLB Samuel Barrington, USF

SUMMARY: The Packers had one of the quietest offseasons in the league, as they were one of only two teams not to sign anyone during free agency. However, they did lose some people. They  lost two of their starting runningbacks in RB Cedric Benson and RB Ryan Grant, and also lost some veteran leadership in WR Greg Jennings and S Charles Woodson. They did well in the draft, selecting two talented stars in RB Eddie Lacy and RB Johnathan Franklin. They also selected DE Datone Jones in the first round and he is projected to start opposite DE B.J. Raji. The Packers still have an elite quarterback in Aaron Rodgers, but Green Bay must do a better job with protection this year. Last year, the Packers allowed 51 sacks, second-most in the league. Things are already not looking so hot for the offensive line, as starting LT Bryan Bulaga tore his ACL and will be out for the year. 4th round pick OT David Bukhtiari has been tasked with taking his place, but if Bukhtiari can’t handle it, Rodgers will be getting hit from behind once again. The running game must get better for this team after finishing 20th in rushing last year. The most run production they had last year was against the New Orleans Saints. Departed RB Benson ran for 84 yards in the game. The last time the Packers had a 100-yard rusher was when RB James Starks ran for 123 yards against the Philadelphia Eagles in the January 9, 2010 wild card match-up. In case you forgot, it’s 2013. Whoever is the starting runningback this year must step up to the plate. Few teams can succeed with a one-dimensional offense and even fewer can win a championship with such an offense. If the running game makes great strides at improvement, the defense performs, and Rodgers stays healthy, this team will not only win the NFC North despite a tough schedule, but become a serious playoff threat.


Week 1: @ SF   Week 2: vs. WSH   Week 3: @ CIN   Week 4: BYE   Week 5: vs. DET   Week 6: @ BAL   Week 7: vs. CLE   Week 8: @ MIN   Week 9: vs. CHI   Week 10: vs. PHI   Week 11: @ NYG   Week 12: vs. MIN   Week 13: @ DET   Week 14: vs. ATL   Week 15: @ DAL   Week 16: vs. PIT   Week 17: @ CHI


GET: WR Greg Jennings (83), QB Matt Cassel (69), CB Jacob Lacey (69)

LOSE: CB Antoine Winfield (77), LB Jasper Brinkley (75), WR Michael Jenkins (69), WR Percy Harvin (trade)

RE-SIGNS: OT Phil Loadholt (79), LB Erin Henderson (75), WR Jerome Simpson (74), S Jamarca Sanford (71)

DRAFT: 1st round: DT Sharrif Floyd, Florida     CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida State     WR Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee     4th round: OLB Gerald Hodges, Penn State     5th round: PT Jeff Locke, UCLA     6th round: G Jeff Baca, UCLA     7th round: ILB Michael Mauti, Penn State     G Travis Bond, North Carolina     DT Everett Dawkins, Florida State

SUMMARY: RB Adrian Peterson’s MVP season led the Vikings to a playoff appearance despite a 31st overall finish in passing and 24th overall finish in pass defense. The Vikings did great in the draft, selecting either offensive lineman to protect AP in the future or defense. The signing of WR Greg Jennings is a big help to QB Christian Ponder. Hopefully he will be able to show improvement and take advantage of a better receiving core.  The secondary is a little weaker after the loss of CB Antoine Winfield, but the strength of the front seven of this team should help counter that. The Vikings had 44 sacks last year, good for fifth-most in the league. If they perform like they did last year, they will definitely be in the hunt for a wild card spot.


Week 1: @ DET   Week 2: @ CHI   Week 3: vs. CLE   Week 4: vs. PIT   Week 5: BYE   Week 6: vs. CAR   Week 7: @ NYG   Week 8: vs. GB   Week 9: @ DAL   Week 10: vs. WSH   Week 11: @ SEA   Week 12: @ GB   Week 13: vs. CHI   Week 14: @ BAL   Week 15: vs. PHI   Week 16: @ CIN   Week 17: vs. DET


GET: LB D.J. Williams (80), OT Jermon Bushrod (76), LB James Anderson (75), TE Martellus Bennett (74), OL Eben Britton (69), DT Sedrick Ellis (retired)

LOSE: LB Nick Roach (74), C Chris Spencer (74), G Lance Louis (72), DL Israel Idonije (70), TE Kellen Davis (68), TE Matt Spaeth (68), LB Geno Hayes (68), CB D.J. Moore (67), OL Gabe Carimi (trade), LB Brian Urlacher (retired)

RE-SIGNS: DT Henry Melton (79)

DRAFT: 1st round: G Kyle Long, Oregon     2nd round: ILB Jonathan Bostic, Florida     4th round: OLB Khaseem Greene, Rutgers     5th round: OT Jordan Mills, Louisiana Tech     6th round: DE Cornelius Washington, Georgia     7th round: WR Marquess Wilson, Washington State

SUMMARY: After starting 7-1, the Bears finished 3-5 in their last eight games, missing the playoffs despite a 10-6 record. The face of the franchise, LB Brian Urlacher, retired, and in a surprise move, the Bears fired coach Lovie Smith. Smith was 81-63 in his nine years in Chicago and led the Bears to 3 playoff appearances, including a Super Bowl loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Those stats don’t look that good on paper, but the defense was stellar under Smith. Last year, the Bears finished 8th against the pass and against the rush, led the league in takeaways, and finished third in points allowed. The Bears struggle on the offensive side of the ball though. While RB Matt Forte was able to lead the Bears with a 10th best rushing attack, QB Jay Cutler’s struggles continued, as the Bears finished 29th in passing. To try and fix that, the Bears picked up TE Martellus Bennett in free agency, but aside from that, have done nothing to solve the problem. They lost a lot of players during the offseason but did well filling the holes. LB D.J. Williams should be a suitable replacement for Urlacher and OT Jermon Bushrod and 1st round pick G Kyle Long should help out in pass protection and on the rush. This is also a big year for Cutler because a lot of potential franchise quarterbacks will be coming to the draft next year. Cutler has failed to perform and this might be his last chance to do so. I think once again the offense will be on the shoulders of WR Brandon Marshall and Forte and it will struggle once again. Only the strong defense will allow this team to contend for third place with the Detroit Lions.


Week 1: vs. CIN   Week 2: vs. MIN   Week 3: @ PIT   Week 4: @ DET   Week 5: vs. NO   Week 6: vs. NYG   Week 7: @ WSH   Week 8: BYE   Week 9: @ GB   Week 10: vs. DET   Week 11: VS. BAL   Week 12: @STL   Week 13: @ MIN   Week 14: vs. DAL   Week 15: @ CLE   Week 16: @ PHI   Week 17: vs. GB


GET: RB Reggie Bush (77), S Glover Quin (76), DE Israel Idonije (70), DE Jason Jones (64), S Chris Hope (61), QB Thaddeus Lewis

LOSE: DE Cliff Avril (84), DE Kyle Vanden Bosch (77), LB Justin Durant (77), OT Gosder Cherilus (76), G Stephen Peterman (72), CB Drayton Florence (69), CB Jacob Lacey (69), RB Jahvid Best

RE-SIGNS: CB Chris Houston (77), S Louis Delmas (75), LB DeAndre Levy (75), S Amari Speivey (71)

DRAFT: 1st round: DE Ezekiel Ansah, BYU     2nd round: CB Darius Slay, Mississippi State     3rd round: G Larry Warford, Kentucky     4th round: DE Devin Taylor, South Carolina     5th round: PT Sam Martin, Appalachian State     6th round: WR Corey Fuller, Virginia Tech     RB Theo Riddick, Notre Dame     7th round: TE Michael Williams, Alabama     ILB Brandon Hepburn, Florida A&M

Summary: Last year, I picked this team to take one of the NFC wild card spots. I was clearly mistaken. This team has a lot of promise despite their lack of a running game but that should change this year with the signing of RB Reggie Bush. QB Matthew Stafford led the Lions passing attack to a second place finish while the running game crawled to a 23rd place finish. The defense was 14th against the pass and 16th against the rush, but they finished 27th in points allowed. They also had the 3rd-worst turnover differential at -16, only ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. The Lions got 17 takeaways and had 33 giveaways. The Lions have got to improve those numbers if they want to have a chance at winning this division, which in my opinion is the second-hardest division in the league behind the NFC South. The loss of both of their starting DE’s, especially Cliff Avril, will hurt, but hopefully 1st round pick DE Ezekiel Ansah will prove to be an explosive force and help lessen the blow. The linebacking core is slightly weaker after the loss of LB Justin Durant, who I thought had a lot of potential. Receiving depth is a concern but if the running game can get going and the Lions can be even half as productive as they were last year in passing, this team has a chance to overtake the Bears for third.


Week 1: vs. MIN   Week 2: @ ARI   Week 3: @ WSH   Week 4: vs. CHI   Week 5: @ GB   Week 6: @ CLE   Week 7: vs. CIN   Week 8: vs. DAL   Week 9: BYE   Week 10: @ CHI   Week 11: @ PIT   Week 12: vs. TB   Week 13: vs. GB   Week 14: @ PHI   Week 15: vs. BAL   Week 16: vs. NYG   Week 17: @ MIN


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