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2015-2016 NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

1. Patriots (+0)

There were some people foolish enough to say the Dolphins might contend with the Patriots on Thursday. My response: HAHAHAHAHAHA

2. Broncos (+7)

Denver ousts the Packers handedly and jump to the two-spot. Who can pick apart this defense? When will Peyton’s inability at quarterback and this desolate offense finally cost Denver a game?

3. Bengals (+0)

They struggled against the Steelers and had it not been for Ben clearly not looking like himself and throwing three interceptions, they would have lost. They didn’t but Denver passes them up for the two spot.

4. Panthers (+2)

A close win over the Colts isn’t what you want to see as a Carolina fan but it’s good enough to get them into the top-five. Cam’s having the best year of his career.

5. Jets (-1)

As soon as Fitzpatrick left the game and Geno Smith took over at quarterback, the team quit. The team has no faith in Smith. I expect the Jets to look themselves if Fitzpatrick starts next week.

6. Packers (-4)

Where was Aaron Rodgers? Because he wasn’t in Denver.

7. Vikings (-2)

Another struggle against a division rival. They need to find their game again real quick or they’re out of the top-ten.

8. Rams (+0)

A win over the 49ers is no big accomplishment but it’s enough to get keep them at eight.

9. Cardinals (-2)

The Cards were picked apart by McCown but the Browns being the Browns managed to let Arizona take control and get the win.

10. Raiders (+4)

A big win over the Jets, one of the better defenses in the league. The Raiders are contending for a playoff spot right now. Who would have thought?

11. Falcons (-1)

As a Falcons fan, I’m disgusted. They have one more chance to get their game together or they’ll fall quite a couple spots.

12. Steelers (-1)

As a Steelers fan, I’m equally disgusted if not more so. The Steelers defense is a top-ten squad right now, harassed Andy Dalton all night long and the Steelers offense, mainly Ben, managed to hand the game right back to them. At home and against a division rival, that’s unacceptable. Le’Veon Bell is out for the season, only making the wound from the game that much deeper.

13. Bills (+0)

Bye. Hopefully the Bills can get their starters back from injury for next week.

14. Giants (+1)

The Giants have no defense and no way to attack the quarterback. Luckily, the offense has shown they can stick around in a shootout, which seems to be all you need to do to win the NFC East this year.

15. Seahawks (-3)

Seattle almost loss to Matt Cassel and Darren McFadden. Take a second to let that soak in. Dan Quinn’s departure has been the thorn in the side of Seattle all year long.

16. Chiefs (+0)

A Charles-less Chiefs squad put up 45 on Detroit. Let me repeat. Detroit.

17. Eagles (+0)

Bye. Philly didn’t start showing up until week 5 but it doesn’t look like it matters this year in the battered NFC East when you show up.

18. Browns (+0)

Josh McCown put the Browns up by a large margin against Arizona and then vanished. They’re starting Manziel at quarterback next week.

19. Colts (+5)

Colts decided to play this week. I’m sure they’ll decide not to next week and will fall back to 24 again.

20. Ravens (+3)

The Ravens get a much-needed win against the Chargers but have lost their biggest weapon, Steve Smith, for the season. It’s looking pretty dismal in Baltimore.

21. Redskins (+0)

Bye. The Kirk Cousins meme continues to run through my memories.

22. Cowboys (-3)

Let’s take a minute to laugh at a team with the best offensive line at football still managing to suck. Hahahaha. If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that Dallas has no depth on offense.

23. Dolphins (-1)

It seems unfair to lower someone in the rankings for losing to New England this year, so Miami only falls one spot. Who expects you to contend, honestly?

24. Chargers (-4)

The Chargers injury bug continues. Keenan Allen’s done for the year.

25. Saints (+2)

The Saints have no defense. Coincidentally, neither do the Giants!

26. Jaguars (+0)

Bye. Bortles and Jacksonville has impressed me this year even though they’ve haven’t climbed the board much yet.

27. Buccaneers (+3)

Tampa over Atlanta. There’s something I never thought would happen.

28. Titans (-3)

The Titans need Mariota desperately. He’ll return next week.

29. Texans (+2)

Houston responded to their throttling by beating Tennessee.

30. Bears (+1)

Bears will be Bears and Cutler hate aside, they’re looking better as is Cutler. Forte’s injury will cost them, however.

31. 49ers (-3)

Kaepernick is being benched and I’m overjoyed. Blaine Gabbert will start, lol.

32. Lions (+0)

Lions don’t have any fight in them this year. None at all.

Biggest Climb: Broncos (+7)

Biggest Fall: Packers, Chargers (-4)

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