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2015-2016 NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

1. Patriots (+0)

Pats clean up the Redskins, continue to dominate.

2. Panthers (+2)

Big wins over Seattle and Green Bay propel Carolina to the two-spot.

3. Bengals (+0)

Playing Cleveland gives any team an opportunity to get back on track.

4. Broncos (-2)

Denver’s streak comes to an end against Indianapolis, who had just gotten a new offensive coordinator. Wow.

5. Packers (+1)

A nice comeback attempt at the end wasn’t enough but Green Bay is struggling this year and is in danger of losing their control of the NFC North.

6. Jets (-1)

Jets haven’t looked like themselves for two straight contests.

7. Vikings (+0)

Vikings pass up St. Louis. Hopefully Bridgewater can return next week.

8. Rams (+0)

Todd Gurley can’t do everything. This team doesn’t have much offense.

9. Cardinals (+0)

Bye. Arizona needs to come out scoring next week against division-rival Seattle.

10. Bills (+3)

Now that Buffalo is healthy, let’s see what they can really do.

11. Raiders (-1)

Raiders are still a playoff contender, but I don’t think they can afford to get in shootouts with teams like they did this week with the Steelers.

12. Steelers (+0)

Steelers beat the Raiders in a shootout. Shame they couldn’t have won last week against Cincinnati. That game was theirs.

13. Giants (+1)

Giants with an easy win over Tampa Bay. Up next, a Super Bowl rematch with New England. I’ve pegged it as my game of the week.

14. Eagles (+3)

Philly’s an average team right now. Let’s see if it lasts.

15. Seahawks (+0)

Bye. Can Seattle turn things around?

16. Chiefs (+0)

Bye. Despite the absence of Jamaal Charles, the team remains in the playoff hunt.

17. Falcons (-6)

After an impressive 5-0, Atlanta has lost three of four and against poor opponents, too. The season is slipping away.

18. Colts (+1)

Who would have thought Indianapolis would be the team to end Denver’s streak? With that said, I’m not giving the Colts too much credit just yet. Let’s see if it was another fluke like the Patriots’ game.

19. Browns (-1)

That’s four losses in a row for Cleveland.

20. Ravens (+0)

Bye. Let’s see how the Ravens return.

21. Redskins (+0)

Lose to the Patriots, but a 27-10 score isn’t a blowout.

22. Dolphins (+1)

Maybe all the Miami fans will calm down again and welcome reality back after getting dismantled by a healthy Buffalo squad.

23. Cowboys (-1)

Just keep on losing Dallas. I’m loving every second of it.

24. Jaguars (+2)

A narrow loss against the Jets deserves some credit.

25. Chargers (-1)

San Diego has been a complete disappointment this year.

26. Titans (+2)

Titans are still one of the worst teams in the league but the defense has been better this year and Mariota has showed some promise.

27. Saints (-2)

The Saints still have no defense. Brees vs the world isn’t a good team philosophy.

28. Bears (+2)

The Bears beat a bad team, but they’ve surprised us before. Do they still have some tricks up their sleeves?

29. Texans (+0)

Bye. Somehow, they’re still in the playoff hunt.

30. 49ers (+1)

They beat Atlanta with Gabbert. That’s incredible and pitiful if you’re a Falcons fan.

31. Buccaneers (-4)

The choking continues.

32. Lions (+0)

Bye. A new offensive coordinator and a new front office. How does Detroit return to the field?

Biggest Climb: Bills, Eagles (+3)

Biggest Fall: Falcons (-6)

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2015-2016 NFL Power Rankings: Preseason

Hey guys! This year I’m doing my own NFL Power Rankings each week. Here’s what I’ve got going into week one.

1. Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks had few changes over the offseason and looked like a strong favorite for Super Bowl 50.

2. Packers

Even with the incredible loss of Jordy Nelson, the Packers look like the only team in the NFC who could contend with the Seahawks right now.

3. Broncos

Denver’s playoff struggles aside, Peyton Manning is still there last time I checked as is their more than serviceable defense.

4. Colts

Andrew Luck has advanced further into the playoffs every year since he entered the league and one would think that the addition of veterans Frank Gore and Andre Johnson only strengthen his case for a serious playoff run.

5. Patriots

Tom Brady’s suspension lifted, I can’t see how I can put the Super Bowl champions outside the top five. The receiving core is the same as last year and while the loss of Shane Vereen will hurt, it can’t compare with the huge losses of Revis and Cromartie. Their front seven should carry them through.

6. Cardinals

Bruce Arians is one of the best coaches in the league, demonstrated by his continual persistence and ability to coach a team despite nagging injury concerns. A healthy Palmer might be the only thing needed to put this team over the hump.

7. Chargers

If Rivers’ receivers can bounce back from last year’s woes and Melvin Gordon is the back we think he is, the Chargers are certain to grab a wild-card spot.

8. Ravens

The front seven is dangerous and Forsett was huge last year. Will they be able to handle the losses at receiver though?

9. Cowboys

The Cowboys’ offensive line is the best in the league, hands down. In a division with little defense, the Cowboys should own.

10. Eagles

However, the Eagles are right behind them. If the Eagles flop this year, the hate that Chip Kelly will get will be insurmountable and will surely end in his firing. The moves he made must work out because last year they had a great team and fans spent the offseason watching Kelly tear it apart and trade for Sam Bradford.

11. Vikings

I’ve got to believe the addition of Adrian Peterson boosts the Vikings a couple spots up. Mike Zimmer is one of the best defensive minds in football and a young squad should be up to the task.

12. Jets

The Jets are a whole different team after this summer’s additions. A whole different team. On paper, that defense looks scary.

13. Dolphins

I got to believe the Fins are right behind them. The Fins’ defense has a lot of potential and the addition of Suh is huge. Tannehill and Miller are a solid tandem.

14. Chiefs

The addition of Jeremy Maclin was huge for Kansas City. The defense is sturdy with last year’s sack-leader Justin Houston. I just worry there aren’t enough weapons on this offense for this team to succeed down the stretch.

15. Texans

I have the same concerns with Houston as I do with Kansas City. The defense is great and Vince Wilfork should be a huge addition for the defensive line. DeAndre Hopkins is a great up-and-coming receiver and Arian Foster, when healthy, is a top-five back. The when healthy part is becoming an issue for this team and I wouldn’t be surprised if they trade Foster or draft a running back next summer.

16. Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell may very well be the best trio in the league, but that secondary is one of the worst in the league.

17. Rams

Same story as with Kansas City and Houston. Where is the offense? This team’s offensive line is a huge problem and especially in the NFC West, will lead to struggles in division play.

18. Bills

The Bills are lower on this list than they should be but again, where’s the offense? Watkins wasn’t lights-out last year and uncertainties at quarterback make me skeptical.

19. Lions

The loss of almost their entire defensive line will reveal how weak this team’s secondary actually is.

20. Giants

This team’s defense? Where is it exactly?

21. Buccaneers

The defense has the talent to perform leagues better than they did last year.

22. Browns

Cleveland would have made the playoffs last year if they hadn’t choked down the stretch.

23. Bengals

This team has got to be better. They have the talent. Time to execute.

24. Falcons

Dan Quinn’s new team should make some strides on defense.

25. Panthers

This team’s receiving core is dry without Benjamin. Jonathan Stewart has big holes to fill. Can the defense take the pressure early on?

26. Saints

The loss of Jimmy Graham stings and the defense was putrid last year.

27. Bears

The defense was so bad last year. The Bears have lost their identity and are more offensive then they have been in a long time.

28. Jaguars

The defensive line had a lot of sacks last year and Posluszny returns. Bortles needs to step up to the plate.

29. 49ers

After quite possibly the worst offseason in sports history, the 49ers look doomed to struggle.

30. Redskins

All the talent on offense is there except for the quarterback position, which is what has led to continual struggles for the offense. The defense, on the other hand, is one of the worst in the league.

31. Raiders

Oakland holds a place in the bottom five once again.

32. Titans

Last and certainly least, Tennessee has a long way to go.

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