2015-2016 NFL Power Rankings: Week 7

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, fans, but I assure you the wait is over. Also, these rankings were made prior to the next week’s contests, so they’re not biased in anyway from the last few weeks’ results.

1. Patriots (+0)

New England refuses to be deterred. Another big win, this week 30-23 over the New York Jets.

2. Packers (+0)

Bye. They have a huge match-up against Denver next week.

3. Bengals (+0)

Bye. Face division-rival Pittsburgh on the road next week.

4. Jets (+3)

They are the only team that’s been able to stick with New England until the end.

5. Vikings (-1)

They shouldn’t have struggled with Detroit but it was a division match-up. Cincinnati always struggles against the Steelers so I’m willing to give Minnesota a break to an extent.

6. Panthers (+0)

They put on the heat later then I would have liked, but Carolina’s a top-ten team right now.

7. Cardinals (-2)

Again, Arizona doesn’t show up, beating Arizona late by one score. Where’s this team?

8. Rams (+2)

Dominant win over Cleveland might not be saying much but the defense has looked like it should and the emergence of Todd Gurley has been huge. I’m unsure how high they can go with only one true offensive weapon, however.

9. Broncos (+0)

Bye. At home against the Packers next week.

10. Falcons (-2)

Dan Quinn’s group looked so good through the first five weeks. That team hasn’t shown up the last two.

11. Steelers (+0)

A tough loss against Kansas City, but I’m not dropping Pittsburgh in the rankings this week. The defense has looked good and Ben is expected to return next week.

12. Seahawks (+1)

They beat San Francisco. Whoopie.

13. Bills (-1)

A loss to Jacksonville would normally drop a team much farther than this, but Buffalo’s struggles are because of a laundry list of injuries. That excuse won’t buy them much time.

14. Raiders (+2)

They beat San Diego handedly in the first half but let them get back in the game. With that said, let’s give a round of applause to Oakland. They look like a football team this year and a good one at that.

15. Giants (-1)

The NFC East is in complete shambles when a barely average team is leading the division.

16. Chiefs (+4)

No Jamaal Charles, no problem. Kansas City gets a big win against Pittsburgh at home and has an easy contest versus Detroit next week.

17. Eagles (+4)

It took forever, but the engine is starting to churn in Philly, which is not to say Chip Kelly is off the hook just yet. The team’s struggling in a struggling division.

18. Browns (-3)

One week Cleveland shows up and the next it doesn’t. Who knows what they’ll do next week against Arizona.

19. Cowboys (-1)

They haven’t won a game since Romo’s departure from the starting lineup. When will the streak end? Who knows, but if they lose next week, they enter the 20’s.

20. Chargers (-3)

No team has lost more to injury than San Diego, but a team’s potential is demonstrated by how it battles adversity. Melvin Gordon hasn’t made any sparks this year.

21. Redskins (+1)

*Insert Kirk Cousins meme here

22. Dolphins (+2)

They bombed Houston all day long. Now let’s calm down and remember they played Houston.

23. Ravens (+0)

They’ve lost by single scores multiple times this year. They’ve been in them, just can’t seem to finish.

24. Colts (-5)

Another team that doesn’t seem to show up week to week. The team’s fall from grace has been hard.

25. Titans (+2)

I’m unsure whether to credit Tennessee for hanging in there or to accredit the score to the Falcons’ disappearance.

26. Jaguars (+0)

Blake Bortles is impressing, Allen Hurns is a fantasy stud and they beat an injured Bills squad. They almost blew a huge lead though, meaning they earn no points with me this week.

27. Saints (+3)

New Orleans has no defense. Coincidentally, neither do the Colts!

28. 49ers (+0)

They loss to Seattle and aren’t likely to catch my interest any time soon.

29. Texans (-4)

They were hogtied and whipped last week by Miami. How will they come out next week?

30. Buccaneers (-1)

They blow another lead, this time to Washington. They continue to choke when victory is mere minutes away.

31. Bears (+0)

Bye. How long will the Bears hibernate?

32. Lions (+0)

Detroit’s struggles are not because of coaching, yet I feel Jim Caldwell’s firing is doomed to happen by season’s end. Detroit should have put more value into signing their defensive line, the only thing keeping the team together. That and Matt Stafford is awful.

Biggest Climb: Chiefs, Eagles (+4)

Biggest Fall: Colts (-5)

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